• Alysha Burch / Founder & President Square Root Creative is the brainchild of Alysha Burch,
    a 25-year industry veteran. Alysha established the agency in 2002, when she saw the need for a creative house that delivered effective messaging across all marketing mediums. Her vision was to form a group that could think conceptually, act strategically, and design with purpose. Fifteen years later, the agency remains independent and solely owned, an inspiration for women entrepreneurs worldwide.
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  • Chris Javate / Creative Design Director He thinks visually, executes flawlessly, and nails the strategy—all while pushing the limits of the agency’s creative output. Chris easily grasps complex information and critical details to produce bold ideas and designs, which ultimately drive our clients’ brands to be stronger. He leads his team with encouragement and by example—no doubt traits learned during his Cooper Union days. Easy-going and even-keeled, Chris is also our resident DJ, keeping the agency rhythmically in sync. Count on him for a classic Prince playlist or old-school jam. He’s also a tech-gadget junkie and the proud father of two beautiful children.
  • Giovanni Sheriff / Director of Technology Gio keeps the agency on the forefront of technology, and is responsible for growing our digital footprint. Truly an SRC Original, he has been here since the start and is quite unique. A PC-fanatic living in harmony with Macintosh lovers. We count on his unwavering dedication, inquisitive mind, and analytic nature to solve our client’s most complex challenges. While his engineering background, digital knowledge, or 6’5” frame, might intimidate, Gio is quite approachable—especially if you share his love for anything Italian. Ask him what he loves most about working at SRC, and he will answer, “Siamo una famiglia.”
  • Danny Valle / Director of Digital Strategy From UX to coding to 3D rendering, design, and production, Danny pushes the standard on every project he is a part of. Continually educating himself, and all of us on the latest and greatest, the new and now in technology solutions, he applies his vast knowledge of all facets in web development to take a concept and turn it into a finished product. And he delivers it flawlessly in language we can all understand. If he isn’t scoping out the best new cookies in the neighborhood, this black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu finds inspiration in his children, who we suspect already know Photoshop.
  • Samantha Clarke / Senior Account Manager A calming force and shining star. That’s Samantha. Joining as
    an intern in 2011, today she manages the daily needs of our Ricoh account. With a penchant for logic and an impressive work ethic she makes coordinating video productions and managing complex product configurators look easy. Her attention to detail and ability to collaborate with creatives and programmers is as natural as her kind nature. A New Yorker true-and-true: born and raised in the Bronx, a New York University alumnus, and working in Manhattan. Trifecta.
  • Pete Peluso / Content Manager When the pressure is on, Pete stays focused on the task at hand. He joined the agency in 2015, and his past experience in B2B communications is key for the day-to-day management of the Ricoh Business Booster program, one of the agency’s most dynamic client properties. From data reporting and analysis, to working with our designers and programmers, everything he does is about creating seamless customer experiences. When not hard at work, you might just find this avid blackjack player deep in thought, skillfully sizing up his hand, planning his next move.
  • Alexia Woelfle / Junior Account Executive This Microsoft Excel enthusiast and Dunkin’ Donuts aficionado has a gift for the small details that keep big projects on track. Alexia picked up her love of pivot tables at Baruch College, where she applied that seemingly endless energy to a major in Economics and double minor in Communications and Marketing. A sunny Queens native, she brings good vibes to the agency along with an uncanny knack for organization—not to mention a tray of brownies that we can’t leave alone. With a passion for fitness, Alexia is also a certified nutritionist and personal trainer.
  • Amber Milt / Executive Producer An award-winning editor with impressive time management
    skills and the ability to get almost anything you could need through a subscription based service. Amber started working
    with us on project-based videos and was quickly invited to join
    the SRC family as Executive Producer. Her dedication and perseverance result in videos that look and sound as polished,
    and professional, as she is. Her on-air credits include segments for major news networks and a roster of A-list celebrity interviews. Amber is a true powerhouse, an incredible writer, and a genuine Rooter. She is also a foodie, fitness enthusiast, and
    technology maven.
  • Nina Lukina / Copywriter With her left- and right-brain working in tandem, this writer can not only craft the perfect pithy phrase but also calculate the tip at dinner. Well-versed in B2B marketing and SaaS platforms, she finds satisfaction in turning complex concepts into clear copy and a compelling brand voice. Nina has a favorite style guide and strong opinions about punctuation—but she knows when it’s time to dispense with convention. Raised in Brooklyn, she stayed in NYC to attend Columbia, where she encountered the great writers and learned to get to the point. When she’s not writing, you can find this literature and film obsessive at the Angelika or the Strand.
  • Chris Siarkiewicz / Lead Designer His talent for producing designs that exceed expectations comes as naturally as his curiosity for how things work. While his experience with brand identity and packaging was finely-tuned during his days at FutureBrand and CBX, he’s been broadening his range as a “Rooter” since 2010. Chris turns visuals inside out and upside down while concentrating on the minute details and tactile experience. So precise, he’s the first to take out the loop, and has been known to measure paper thickness with calipers. We playfully call him MacGyver, but “Sharky” is his real (nick)name and building motorcycles is his true end game.
  • Fay Latimer / Senior Designer Once a member of the corporate world, this UK transplant decided to follow her artistic heart—so she boldly quit her 9-5, and headed to design school. And, we are certainly glad she did. Fay’s eye for excellence, combined with her passion for creativity, understanding of business objectives, and sharp wit make her absolutely fabulous to work with. Her contributions run the gamut—from original illustrations to brand identity, to ingenious ad campaigns and After Effects. Her inspirations include color, art, music, abstraction, and a happy, positive environment where people look at the world differently. Fay is enthusiasm personified, infusing authenticity into every project she touches.
  • Randi Joseph / Senior Web & App Developer Randi’s brilliance, island smile, and sense of humor immediately stand out in a sea of coders. With a passion for data and a background in Physics, Math, and Programming, Randi thrives on building back-end solutions, websites, and apps that change how we work, live, and communicate. Detailed and logical, and with a Starbucks in hand, this developer will code into the wee hours of night. Before SRC, Randi applied his skill set at Citigroup where he developed site infrastructure and a game-changing app. And if you’re looking for truly exceptional oxtail in the city, this guy knows the spot.
  • Terry Frederick / Business Manager Terry keeps this think tank running smoothly, every day. Managing our personalities, benefits, and the occasional client fire drill without ever losing her cool. Our fearless leader calls her a Zen master. We call her incredible. She stays focused on keeping the agency culture intact and our team aligned with the goals of the company. Terry checks in with each employee on the regular to ensure that they have the resources they need to do their jobs, happily. And if you come for a visit, she’ll check in with you, too.


The agency is a collection of talented individuals who love what they do,
and are encouraged to do what they love.


We lead with conviction, act with courage and look beyond the obvious to produce creative solutions that are modern with
an edge.


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